Space Lab

'Space Lab' is our official workplace where we design, fabricate, test and integrate our nanosatellite components. Situated in the fourth floor of RVCCCF, 'Space Lab' is fully furnished and equipped with state of the art Electronic components and Power supply. We will be constructing our clean room in the vicinity of the lab in the next few months. The lab has a main bench area, black board and tables, chairs and white boards for different Subsystems. Full team meetings and discussion of theoretical concepts will be conducted in the bench area. Discussion of future agenda and designing of various components related to different subsystems will be done in their respective tables. All engineers follow strict rules and ethics inside the Lab. We follow the method of simulating our design first, optimizing it andfinally implementing it on the hardware.


(+91) 98453 73005
(+91) 99162 95195


407, 4th Floor, PG Block, R.V. College of Engineering, Mysore Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560059