About Team Antariksh

Started off as an interdisciplinary team in 2015, Team Antariksh has adopts it's name from the sanskrit equivalent, which means ‘space’. Team Antariksh has constantly been learning and testing it's skills in every aspect of building a nanosatellite. The team has been working every day with an inspiration to turn the dream that started in 2015 into a reality and has been constantly guided and monitored by various scientists and from U R Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO (Formerly known as ISRO Satellite Centre) and faculty from RVCE. Team members have shown keen interest in taking the ambitious satellite program of India to a new height. The team started off with an unrivaled passion and believe that we can revolutionize the field of space research in India with the right guidance and support. Keeping this is as the goal, we at Team Antariksh hopes to get a positive response from you to help us put satellite into the orbit.


To inspire young minds to have confidence in taking up challenging tasks, by giving room for interdisciplinary research, sharing of knowledge to enhance engineering skills and collectively work to design, build, launch and operate micro satellite systems.


  • To design, fabricate, test and launch a nano satellite that demonstrates all salient features of a conventional satellite.
  • To design and build a ground station to collect data from the satellite.
  • To interpret the data received from the satellite by giving students an opportunity to learn the basics of space technology.
  • To increase the participation of the students of R V College of Engineering in space research and technology development in India.

Space Lab

Space Lab is our official workplace where we design, fabricate, test and integrate our nano-satellite components. Situated in the third floor of Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IDRC), the lab is fully furnished and equipped with state of the art Electronic components and Power supply. A clean room facility is expected to be constructed in the coming days. Full team meetings and discussion of theoretical concepts are conducted in the bench area. Discussion of future agenda and designing of various components related to different subsystems will be done in their respective tables. All engineers follow strict rules and ethics inside the lab. We follow the method of simulating our design first, optimizing it and finally implementing it on the hardware.

shooting star
shooting star